Hi guys from China! I'm a Server Admin here. 请舒展地休息吧 😊 I feel for you about being forced to move.

**Reply me if you read/write both of Chinese and English. We need your help.** And please read on.

I'm open to accept creators speaking any language other than Japanese. But unlike big-company backed social networks like Weibo, this is a relatively small Mastodon server operated by basically single person and a few users who'd like to help voluntarily.

So we need to be co-operative to make this server a comfortable for every users.

Since I've got replies in Eng yesterday I suppose some of you're able to Eng and Chinese.

Anyone would like to help translating the rule in this server to Chinese? I recognize the fact that we have just rules in Janapese is one of big source of problem. I can translate it to English so you'll be able to reference.

@tnzk I am able to help you perhaps. I can read both English and Chinese, and a little bit in Japanese.

@xingchen Thank you for calling out! I've got offered helping by other one yesterday, but if he/she is unavailable somehow, let me contact you. I appreciate so much!

@tnzk 失礼します、管理者さんお疲れ様でした。英語はなかなか読めないですが、中国語がわかります。もしもこれ以上の人がいないなら、私にやらせていただきませんか?

@wingsoul1256 おお!早速ありがとうございます!ぜひお願いしたいです。私は中国語は勉強中なので、確認が細かくなるかもしれません。それでもよければぜひ!

@tnzk 大丈夫です!もしお役に立てれば嬉しいです!

@wingsoul1256 ありがとうございます!少し準備するのでお待ちください🙏

@tnzk Hi! I am Chunlizi, I am from China. I can read Chinese and English, do you still need help?

@Chunlizi Hi Chunlizi, thank you for reaching out 😃 That definitely helps! Two other persons had offered me to help by now, so let me contact you if they seem somehow unavailable. I really appreciate you!

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